As you may already know I have recently stepped away from my job at my school
你们可能已经知道 为了追求新的生活
in order to pursue new horizons.
I hope to become an art teacher, but right now things are in the planning stage.
我想成为一名美术老师 但现在事情还在计划阶段
I also found a new space for my work station, which is very exciting.
我还找了个新地方来做我的工作室 这很鼓舞人心
I have been wanting to do this since one of my first customers contacted me to let me know
自从我的第一个客户联系到我 说寄给他们的包裹里
there are 3 black dog hairs in their package.
有三根黑色的狗毛后 我就一直想这么做了
I was mortified, and realized I needed a proper work space.
我感到很羞愧 并且意识到我需要一个合适的工作室
Adjusting to a new life routine without my school feels strange, and scary at times.
适应没有学校的新生活感觉很奇怪 有时还很可怕
I don’t know what the future holds, but I am taking guidance from all my mentors.
我不知道未来会怎样 但是我所有的导师都给了我一些指导
Not the least of which, is the wild flowers.
Before I continue, I need to tell you about a plant.
在我继续之前 我要给你介绍一种植物
It is known as the balsam root, and it has given me incredible life advice this Spring.
它被称为香根 今年春天它给了我很棒的人生建议
It is a flower iconic to this part of Washington state and you can see it blanketing the hillsides
每年这个时候 你可以看到它覆盖了山坡
this time of year, easily recognizable by its butter yellow blooms and arrow shaped leaves.
But what is so fascinating about this plant is that
what you see of it doesn’t tell the real story.
And I think that’s true for all of us.
The secret is underneath the soil.
there lies an incredible root system, which you can harvest for food or medicinal purposes.
那里有一个很棒的根系 你可以采集它来作为食物或药用
The main taproot can reach multiple feet into the ground to find a water source.
The wandering tendrils grab onto the soil, preventing erosion.
漫游的卷须附着在土壤上 防止水土流失
This survival mechanism is vital in environments similar to where I live,
which are dry and hot this time of year.
If you are familiar with American history, you have heard about the distaster of the Dust bowl.
如果你熟悉美国历史 你一定听说过黑色风暴事件
One of many reasons that happen were farming practices
that removed native plants from their home soil.
Without their deep root system, the earth became dust, subject to whims of the wind.
没有了它们深层的根系 大地就成了尘土 任由风吹来吹去
Here goes to show how important this plants are for a planet survival.
No matter how beautiful the plant, without the roots, they don’t have longevity.
再美的植物 如果没有根 就不会长寿
Every tiny disturbance affects them negatively, and ultimately they cannot flourish and grow.
The young blooms are surly beautiful and delicate,
but the older plants are incredible to behold.
They are strong and full, and can sustain droughts with little effort.
它们结实饱满 不费什么力气就能经受住干旱
I find them inspiring, don’t you?
我觉得很鼓舞人心 你呢
A great reminder that what is unseen is by far the most part of who we are.
这提醒我们到目前为止 看不见的部分才是我们自身最重要的地方
I have taken the lesson of the balsoam root
and challenged myself to further develop my root system
挑战自己 进一步发展我的根系统
in order to find stability during this very intimidating transition.
My life has changed considerably this year.
I’m realizing it will never be the same again.
That is both exhilarating and a little scary.
I think we all come to those crossroads at some points in our lives,
but we can choose one of multiple diverging paths
that will lead our lives in wildly different directions.
I used to look at these options with apprehension,
fearing that I’d make the wrong choice and lead my life in a direction that I would later regret.
担心自己会做出错误的选择 把我的生活引向以后会后悔的方向
But I have come to believe that
we can find fulfillment through a variety of different life paths.
Maybe there are many equally interesting and rewarding journeys one can take.
I stayed up last night wondering
if I had made the wrong choice to pursue new options of teaching and focus on my business
Dispite being fearful, I have realized that in this case there isn’t necessarily wrong choice.
尽管害怕 但我意识到 在这种情况下 不一定有完全错误的选择
And I think in many cases in our lives when we’re present with the options,
我认为在我们生活中的很多情况下 当我们面对各种选择时
it is what you do with the choice that makes it worthwhile or not
你如何对待这个选择 决定了它是否值得
and what you’ve learned from it.
I’m so glad I’m going through this transition in the spring time,
it is such a beautiful season of renewal and healing.
Last but definitely not least, I do have news that pertains to this channel.
最后但绝对重要的是 我确实有关于这个频道的资讯
My brother has recently returned from Australia after almost a year without seeing him
我的哥哥最近从澳大利亚回来了 我已经一年没有见到他了
which was very difficult for me.
We were very very close growing up.
You will no doubts see him in the future video.
He is very generously offer to help me with my videos,
which is fantastic because I’ve always wanted to learn how to use an actual camera.
这太棒了 因为我一直想学习如何使用真正的相机
I’ve noticed speculation in the comments who’s actually making these videos
and the answer is that it is me.
Predominantly, I think there’s an handful of times where I have got in assistance.
主要是 有几次我得到了一些帮助
But very few.
I film using an iPhone.
And I would really like to learn how to use a proper camera.
And so he finally is going to teach me
and how to make the videos until I’m able to do it on my own.
It is so exciting and I’m just so grateful for him.
我太激动了 我真的很感谢他
And you will no doubt, hopefully,
毫无疑问 希望从下周开始
see huge improvement in the quality of this video starting next week.
I hope you have a wonderful week.
I have some loved who are very sick with the illness
我有几个心爱的人 他们深受疾病的困扰
We shall not name, and I am very worried about them,
and I am very very worried about them,
so I will appreciate all your thoughts or prays,
and I hope you all stay safe and healthy.
Sending my love
在这里传达我的爱意 再见喽


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