我和Squeaks 刚刚远足回来
Squeaks and I are just getting back from a hike!
我们露营的地方有特别多的不同种类的鸟类 植物 和岩石
Where we live, there are tons of different kinds of birds, plants, and rocks — so many
that it’s hard to keep track of them all!
所以我和Squeaks用了一种特殊的工具来帮助我们完成探险 它就是野外日志
So Squeaks and I use a special tool to help us record our discoveries: a field journal!
野外日志是科学家们所使用的一种特殊工具 用于
A field journal is a special kind of notebook that scientists use when they’re working
They use it to record important facts about the things they see out in the world, and
their own thoughts and questions about what they’re seeing.
And you can use a field journal to do the same thing!
如果你所在的地方是春天 就像这 或许你能看到许多
If it’s spring where you live, like it is here, maybe you’ve started to see lots of
You can use your field journal to get to know the flowers in your neighborhood!
你的野外日记是你可以写任何东西的地方 代替了笔记本 便利贴 或者只是
Your field journal can be anything you can write in: a notebook, a binder, or even just
a few pieces of paper stapled together.
当你准备好研究花朵的时候 拿出你的野外日志 几支铅笔
When you’re ready to study the flowers, just grab your field journal, some pencils
蜡笔 还有一个成年人
and crayons, and a grown-up.
然后 去外面找尽可能多的花吧
Then, head outside to find as many flowers as you can!
当你首次外出的时候 确保要写上日期再带上一个成年人
When you first get outside, be sure to write down the date, or have a grown-up do it for
you, and then make some notes about the weather.
Is it hot or cold outside?
Has it rained recently?
然后 找一朵花 仔细观察它吧
Then, find a flower and examine it carefully.
问你自己一些问题 比如:这朵花长在哪里呀
Ask yourself questions like: where is the flower growing?
What kind of soil is it in?
Is there a lot of sunlight in that spot?
Are there bugs hanging out around the flower?
Write down everything you see and think about when you’re looking at the flower in your
field journal.
下面来到好玩的环节了 把你看到的画下来
Next comes the fun part: draw what you see!
Scientists make very careful field drawings to help keep track of every detail of what
they’re studying.
你可以画下不同的花瓣和叶子 展示一下它有多大
You can draw the different petals and leaves on the flower, and show how big it is.
你越认真的观察和作画 你越能更好的了解每一种花
The more carefully you look and draw, the better you’ll get to know each flower!
When you’re done drawing, you can choose another flower to study next.
当你研究完好几种花的时候 你就可以休息一下了
Once you’ve studied a few flowers, you can be done for the day!
既然你已经做了野外日志 你就可以通过查阅它来
Now that you’ve started your field journal, you can come back to look at the flowers again
tomorrow, or even in a few days.
然后做同样的事情:写下你看到的东西 比如花朵是否
Then do the same thing: write down things you see, like whether the flower is getting
有充分光照 是否周围有虫子
lots of sunlight, or if there are bugs flying around.
And draw another picture of it!
过一段时间 你就能看到花朵是如何变化的了 比如是否
Over time, you’ll be able to see how the flower is changing — like if it grows more
after it rains a lot.
That’s why scientists keep field journals!
所以他们能记得他们学会了什么 还能通过查阅笔记来了解
So they can remember the things they learn, and look through their notes to see how things
change over time.
你可以用你的野外日志去研究更多东西 不仅仅是花
And you can use your field journal to study more than just flowers!
比如 如果你周围有很多鸟 你可以用你的野外日志来
For example, if there are lots of birds around, you can use your field journal to keep track
of them, too!
When you’re studying birds and other animals, you can pay attention to things like what
你看到它们的时间 它们是单独行动还是成群结队 它们的声音是什么样的
time of day you see them, if they’re alone or in groups, what sounds they make, and what
they’re eating!
啊 你说的对Squeaks
Ah, you’re right Squeaks!
We haven’t even talked about one of the best parts of having a field journal!
You can decorate it!
You can cover it in cool stickers and drawings like we have!
Do you have a super cool field journal that you’d like to share with us?
We’d love to see it!
找一个大人 给我们发邮件吧 地址是kids@scishow.com
Grab a grownup and send us an email at kids@scishow.com.
We’d like to give a big thanks to Google Making Science for helping us make this episode!
谢谢 下次再见
Thanks, and we’ll see you next time here at the Fort!


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