职业瓶颈指的是职业发展受困 这会以几种不同的方式出现
A career ceiling is when you get stuck and it can happen a couple of different ways.
根据盖洛普的调查 70%的美国人不喜欢他们的工作
It can be the 70 percent of Americans who according to Gallup don’t like their jobs
但却未做出任何改变 他们认为工作仅仅是一份工作
but don’t do anything about it. They’ve just kind of accepted that a job is just a
是为了生活而要做的事情因此人们去TGI Friday’s吃饭 而不是TGI Monday’s
job and this is what I do for the rest of my life. We eat at TGI Friday’s, not TGI
《办公室》 成了流行剧Delbert的书卖的很火
Monday’s for a reason. The Office was a popular show for a reason. Delbert books sold
因为人们的职业发展都陷入了困境 从我个人来说 我已爬到了职业阶梯的顶端
a lot for a reason because we get stuck. For me that was climbing to the top of a career
这可能也是你遇到的情况 我今年32岁 在AutoTrader工作
ladder and maybe that’s something you relate to. I was 32 years old and I worked at AutoTrader
我有一份很好的工作 我是一名高级内容设计师 而公司没有
and I had a great job but I was a senior content designer and there was no super-duper senior
content designer position above that. I had come to the end of that ladder and at 32 that
这简直不敢想象好吧 我的职业生涯已经停止前进了
was overwhelming to think, okay, my career ball has already stopped rolling and this
这就是我的处境公司也会陷入困境 遇到瓶颈 我在纽约时报上读到一篇文章
is where I am. Companies get stuck too. They hit ceilings. I read a great article in The
New York Times that asked why didn’t Kodak create Instagram. Why didn’t Polaroid create
Instagram? Of all the people that should have understood our love affair with photography
why did they miss it and what happens for a company is that you start with innovation
但是当一切步入正轨后 人们开始倾向于
and risk. But then when things go well you tend to move
从创新模式转换到保护模式 开始保护已经创建的事物
from innovation mode to protection mode. And you start to protect the things you’ve already
因此无人能走进柯达公司说我有一个关于app的想法 你知道 这个app不
built so nobody can walk in to Kodak and say I have an idea for an app. You know, it won’t
赚钱 但两年后 它值十亿美元因此他们
make any money but at the end of two years it’ll be worth a billion dollars. So they
陷入困境 行业也会陷入困境我曾对一些牙齿矫正医师说过
got stuck and industries get stuck too. I spoke to a group of orthodontists and to be
现在要成为一个了不起的牙齿矫正医师 你必须擅长社交媒体 电子邮件营销
an amazing orthodontist right now you have to be good at social media, email marketing
并经营一家公司 你知道整牙学校不教什么吗?
and running a business. Do you know what they don’t teach at orthodontic school? Social
社交媒体 电子邮件营销和经营公司因此其实他们可以这样选择 从而摆脱困境
media, email marketing and running a business. So they have a choice to get unstuck. And
the key when you hit a career ceiling is to work on your skills. It’s impossible to
如果你坚持学习新东西 你就不可能一直困在同一个地方 这是瓶颈的概念
get stuck somewhere old if you keep learning something new. And that’s the concept of
a ceiling. What are some signs you’ve hit a career
ceiling? The sense of just repetition
当你觉得周日像周一时 说明你已经遇到瓶颈了
over and over again. You know you’ve hit a ceiling when you feel Monday on Sunday.
还是周日中午 而你感觉已经是周一了 说明周一渗透到你的周末了
When it’s Sunday at noon and you could already feel Monday, that Monday’s creeping into
当你的职业不仅占有你的工作日 还萦绕于周末 说明你遇到瓶颈了
your weekend. And you know you’ve hit a ceiling where you have a career that owns
your weekdays and haunts your weekends. And you see that happen a lot where people can’t
如果你有过这种感觉 当你有为期一周的假期
even really enjoy vacation. If you’ve ever had that feeling where you go on a weeklong
直到最后一天 你终于有点想法说 好 我可以做这个
vacation and right at the last day you finally have that sense of okay, I can do this. And
但第二天你的假期就结束了 你得重新回去工作了 然后你在休息室里若有所思的站着
the next day your vacation is over and you go back to work and you stand wistfully in
端着一杯悲伤的咖啡 看向窗外 想着我刚刚还是自由的
the break room and kind of look out the window with a sad cup of coffee and think I was free
但那是昨天你知道你遇到瓶颈了 或者你的职业发展停止了
once and it was yesterday. You know when you’ve hit a ceiling. Or you’re not growing.
还有就是你的工作没有挑战 你的大部分才能在工作派不上用场
You’re not being challenged at work. There’s a large part of you that’s not getting to
比如 你有十项不同的技能 擅长十件事情
enter the building. If you’ve got say ten different skills, ten things you’re good
在工作中你只需要做一件事情 那你的90%才能 最好的部分只能
at and you get to do one of them at work and 90 percent of you, the best parts of you have
留在家里 因此这可能也是你遇到瓶颈的信号之一 还有另一种信号是
to get left at home, then there’s a chance you’re on a ceiling. The other way you know
你是否开始落后于你所处的行业举例来说 如果你是一名平面设计师
is if your industry starts leaving you behind. If you’re a graphic designer for instance.
我遇到许多平面设计师 他们告诉我说 Jon 我记得在大学里
I meet a lot of graphic designers and they tell me Jon, I remember in college there was
a time where I could take an online design class for fun as an elective. And then one
然后有一天我醒来时 如果我不知道如何为互联网做设计 那我就变成一只恐龙了
day I woke up and if I didn’t know how to design for the Internet I was a dinosaur and
因为行业变了 这也是你遇到瓶颈的表现
the industry had changed. And so a lot of times you know you’ve hit a ceiling when
当你的行业发生变化时 你需要了解一些新技术或新事物
your industry is changing and there’s new technology or new things you need to know
但是你没有学习这些 你试图保护老方法
how to do and you’re not learning those and you’re trying to protect the old way
然而行业还在继续发展 这就是关键所在
and meanwhile the industry is going these are the things that matter. These are the
new currencies. Those are signs that you’ve hit a ceiling.
当你遇到瓶颈时 最重要的事就是提高自己的技能
The most important thing you can do on a ceiling when you hit one is to start to develop your
技能是帮你打破瓶颈的锤子 而不是你的态度
skills. Skills are the hammer that helps you break through a ceiling. It’s not your attitude.
我曾经以为如果我有糟糕的态度 用我的头
I used to think that maybe if I just developed a bad enough attitude and slammed my head
用力撞击瓶颈足够长的时间 会解决问题但事实并非如此
into the ceiling long enough and hard enough that would fix things. But no, it’s skills
你最需要的是技能 因为当你做一些积极的事情 你的生活中有积极的体验时
you need most because when you do something positive, when you have a positive experience
比如你要开始写博客 或者要搬到一个新城市 或者要跳出
in your life say you’re going to start a blog or move to a new city or kind of jump
现在的生活我想多说一下那个跳脱的时刻 第一天感觉很棒
out there. I like to talk about jump moments a lot. That feels great on day one. Every
之后每隔一两天你的技能都在提高 如果你写过博客
other day after that is you working on your skills. If you’ve ever started a blog the
第一天你会觉得很了不起 你有了一个url 你有了谷歌分析 哥本哈根的某个人
first day is amazing. You get a url, you get Google analytics. You go somebody in Copenhagen
在读你的博客 太了不起了 之后每隔一两天你都会写博客
is reading my blog. It’s amazing. And every other day after that is you working on it
编辑博客内容并提升写作技巧 所以当你遇到瓶颈时
and developing the content and developing the skills. So when you hit a ceiling it doesn’t
它不一定是坏事 它实际上可能是让你变得更好的实验室
have to be a bad thing. It could actually be a laboratory for you to get better. It
它实际上相当于健身房 遇到瓶颈就像是健身后的第二天(腿部会相当酸痛) 没人喜欢健身后的第二天
can actually be the gym. Hitting a ceiling is leg day. Nobody likes leg day. But it’s
your chance to separate yourself from all the other people that aren’t going to put
in the work, that aren’t going to develop the new skills. I think about an industrial
designer my friend worked with and he hit a ceiling moment.
他的手工绘图能力很棒 但是公司需要他
He was amazing at sketching things by hand, amazing at it but his company said we need
学习AutoCAD AutoCAD是公司今后要用的软件 他抵触了一段时间 并且认为
you to learn AutoCAD. AudoCAD is where we’re headed and for a while he fought it and said
他比软件更快 他可以用手画草图 但最终他没有软件快
I’m faster. I can write these amazing sketches with hand. But eventually he lost that and
他失业了 所以 当你遇到瓶颈时 你有一个选择 你可以改变它
he lost his job. And so when you hit a ceiling you have a choice. You can change it. You
你可以提高技能 或停留在原地最终失去你的工作和机会
can work on your skills or you can stay stuck and eventually lose your position, lose your
现在我正在瓶颈之中 我在写书和演讲
relevancy. And I’ve hit a ceiling right now myself. I write books and I speak a lot
and I do a lot with social media and I asked a room full of high schoolers as a blogger
作为博主你们谁读别人写的博客结果没有人举手 我觉得这得了解一下
who here reads blogs. Nobody raised their hand. I thought good to know. And I said well
于是我问他们现在都用什么媒体 他们都说在用snapchat
what mediums do they use. And they all said they’re on Snapchat and they all mentioned
他们提到的那些东西都是我不在其中的于是我又来了个选择 如果
these things that I’m just not part of right now. So I have a choice. If I want to stay
我要还在这行混并且进入下个阶段 如果我还想能在这里谈职业
relevant to the next generation, if I want to be able to speak about career which is
我得从高中开始学 得开始用snapchat
something that starts as young as high school I might need to be on Snapchat. I might need
to look at different technologies and go be part of that conversation. So when you bump
因此 从你的瓶颈里努力跳出来吧只要你培养了摆脱瓶颈的技能
into a ceiling that’s where you stand. Where you develop the skill to get past the ceiling
or will you stay stuck?


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