For about ten years we’ve had very strong correlational data showing that, for example,
when you eat poorly your risk of depression and illnesses like depression just go up 70/80
但如果你的饮食习惯更为传统 比如地中海的饮食习惯或者日本的饮食习惯
And when you eat a more traditional diet like a Mediterranean diet or Japanese diet your
risk of an illness like depression can go down by as much as 50 percent.
And so that’s now led to the first clinical trial that is just being reported showing
that a Mediterranean diet augmented with some red meat actually can treat clinical depression,
major depression disorder.
And it’s a very exciting moment for nutritional psychiatry.
It’s a time when we have more science that tells us food should really be part of the
conversation when it comes to our mental health.
We are facing an incredible mental health academic.
I’ve been in New York as a psychiatrist now for 16 years and the amount of distress and
the amount of mortality that we’re seeing is like levels we’ve never seen before and
我们需要运用很多种已知的方法 其中食物是很重要的一种方法
we need as many tools in our toolbox and food is very much there, both from just common
我们都知道要感觉良好的前提就是要有一个好的饮食 现在
We all know that to feel right we need to eat right, but then also backed up by now
也有大量的科学实验显示 营养中的一些核心元素
an incredible amount of science showing that a core set of nutrients actually have very
clear data that can help in the prevention and the treatment of illnesses, again, like
depression and dementia.
So we want to encourage people to eat those foods that have most of these nutrients and
并帮助他们这样做 这是心理健康恢复治疗计划中很重要的一部分
then help them do that is really part of a mental health care plan.
我们在吃的时候会考虑到很多疾病 比如说心脏病 癌症 糖尿病
We think about a lot of illnesses when we eat, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and it’s
但事实上 你在吃东西的时候最应该担心的
always struck me that really the illness you should be worried about or the organ you should
疾病或者器官应该是你的大脑 因为这是你至今为止最大的
be worried about when you’re eating is your brain because that is by far your biggest
It consumes more of your energy in your food than any other organ you have.
And so focusing on the nutrients your brain needs guide you to a slightly different set
如果你关注的是这些东西 比如说卡路里 饱和脂肪或者是预防一些
of foods that if you focus on just things like calories or saturated fat or preventing
something like cancer.
And so it’s an exciting moment as the data begins to catch up with common sense.
The diets that seem to do the best in terms of brain health are traditional diets.
举个例子来说 最典型的科学例子就是地中海饮食法
So, for example, the most science is about the Mediterranean diet.
Mediterranean diet is a plant-based diet.
你注意到地中海饮食中有很多的坚果和种子 全麦食品
You’re going to see lots and lots of nuts and seeds, whole grains, you’re going to see
海鲜 肉和奶制品有不同的做法
seafood, you going to see meat and dairy treated differently.
有趣的是 在所有的地中海饮食法中 比如说希腊酸奶
I mean it’s interesting that all Mediterranean diets, Greek yogurt, for example, they have
在一些奶制品 发酵奶制品和肉类中 他们被用的频率和香料一样高
some dairy and fermented dairy products and meat, but they’re used more as flavorings.
你不会在地中海饮食里看到西方饮食的影子 比如说大块的牛排和烤土豆
You don’t see what we see in a western diet of a giant steak and a baked potato.
You see a lot more spices in the Mediterranean diet and fresh herbs, these are very, very
这些是非常有效的药物 经常被用来治疗疾病
powerful medicine that have always been used to treat illness.
And so one of my favorite interventions is helping people do like even a little herb
哪怕只是一小盆药草在他们的火坑或者是前院 这样子早上你走出房门
pot on their fire is scape or in their front yard because you can just walk out in the
就可以摘取到西洋葱 罗勒 把它们碾碎 撒在你的炒蛋上
morning, grab some chives, grab some basil, chop it up, have it with yours scrambled eggs.
You’ve just increased the nutrient density of that meal and you’ve made it a little bit
more like the Mediterranean diet.
What you’re going to see is in the Mediterranean diets mainly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated
地中海饮食中有很多的鲜脆的蔬菜 摆在盘子里就像彩虹一样
You’re going to see, again, a lot of crunchy vegetables, a lot of rainbows on those plates
and lots and lots of seafood.
这和西班牙饮食有很大的不同 所有的西班牙小菜中
I mean that’s really one of the main differences if you look at a Spanish diet, all those tapas
都有一点小银鱼 乌贼 章鱼
with little anchovies and a little bit of squid and a little bit of octopus where we’re
因此具有很高的营养价值 由此 我们可以知道这些营养元素
getting these very, very nutrient dense seafoods that, again, we know how these molecules that
are so important for brain health.


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