嗨 大家好 我是“Asian boss”的史蒂夫٩۹(๑•̀ω•́ ๑)۶
Hey what’s up, it’s Steve from Asian Boss.
今天 我的朋友杰西会帮助我来完成一些尴尬的提问(∩•̀ω•́)⊃
Today, I’m here with my friend Jesse who’s going to help me out by asking this tough question:
What do Western men think about Asian women?
因为我也是亚洲人 他们应该不会十分诚实的回答我(*^ー^)
Because I’m Asian myself, they might not be completely honest with me on this
所以勒 杰西 你是我朋友里边最白的ヾ(*Ő౪Ő*)
so Jesse, you are like the whitest friend I have.
准备好了吗 我准备好了 我们开始吧
So you ready? I’m ready, let’s do it.
好 我们开始 ( ̄O ̄)ノ
Cool let’s go.
OK 你对亚洲女性的看法是什么 (つω`)~
Ok so what is your perception of Asian women?
They are beautiful.
她们很辣 我非常喜欢黄皮肤人(´,,•∀•,,`)
They are pretty hot. I got yellow fever hard.
Really? Yeah.
Either they are really ugly or really hot, I reckon. There is no in between.
比较矮 很典型的特点吧|ω•`)
Short. It’s a simple stereotype.
Often seem very quite.
Often come across as borderline subservient.
There is a perception of Asian women being quite raunchy behind the veneer of humility
and quietness.
But it’s only for those who they choose to disclose that.
异域情调 有点现实
Exotic, a little bit materialistic.
十分引人注目 你懂的 她们的身材十分匀称 就好像 你明白的 非常的瘦
Very focused on, you know, how good their bodies look. And like, you know, being skinny.
她们很保守 我的意思 你明白的 她们有很多的条条框框
They are more conservative. I mean, you know, there are exceptions to every rule.
她们的皮肤天生很好 你之前也说过的(ノ´∀`)
They are gifted with nicer skin, that’s what you were saying as well.
I think they are a bit more traditional.
对她们而言 自己的男人感到开心很重要(´∀`)
It’s really important for them to have their men feel good.
They take care of their men maybe more than European women.
我有个基友最近去了韩国 他跟我说 他参加了一个趴
I had a friend who went to Korea quite recently and he said when he was out partying
周围的亚洲妹子看到两个西方小伙都好害羞 她们真的很害羞
the Asian women were very shy around, it was with his mate so two western guys, they were very shy.
But very not shy around other Korean guys.
What do you think about Korean women?
她们看起来 当然 韩国男人也是 她们对时尚的感觉很好
They seem to, as well as Korean men, they seem to have a very good sense of style.
她们总是穿的十分亮眼 能够很好的展现自己
They always seem to be extremely well dressed and present themselves quite well.
她们可能比其他的亚洲女性更有趣 更外向
Probably the more fun of, or more outgoing than other Asian women.
最后 日本女性怎么样 你们对日本女性有什么看法
And lastly what about Japanese women? What’s your thoughts on Japanese women?
Probably top of the list.
They are pretty slick.
我曾经去过日本 他们注重礼貌 礼仪 格调 性感
I’ve been to Japan. Well mannered, nice, stylish, sexy.
强调一下 可能是我个人的经历 我发现
Again, probably my personal experience but I found that Japanese women
I’ve encountered have been a little more assertive than say Korean or Chinese.
那么 你对这些回答有什么个人的见解吗
So was there any answers that kind of stood out in particular for you?
有 你懂的 我采访了很多白人
There was. You know, I was interviewing a lot of white guys obviously
我发现一个明显的事 有些人认为
and what I found with some of the guys was that
they seemed to believe that Asian women were submissive
even there was one guy who shared his fantasies about Asian women.
讽刺的是 这些人里大多数没有同亚洲女性约过会 甚至交过亚洲女性朋友
Now ironically a lot of these guys have never dated or been with Asian girls
所以呢 这些大多只是他们的幻想(´-ι_-`)
so it seems to be mostly in their head.
What are your personal thoughts on Asian women?
I’m actually dating a Korean American girl right now and
她真的十分让人着迷 人非常好
she’s absolutely stunning and wonderful.
我可以告诉你 我从那些从没约会过亚洲女孩的人
And I can tell you, a lot of the stereotypes we heard from
那听来的老套观点 并不是真的( º言º)
guys who have never dated Asian women are just not true.
谢谢杰西 希望你们觉得这些有用
Thanks Jesse. Hope you guys found it useful.
谢谢你们的观看 点击订阅按钮
Thanks for watching and make sure you hit that subscribe button.
See you next time.


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